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Vaastu Shastra

Our Vaastu Services
Having persistent problems at home or in business??? It could be an error in the way your building is made.
We provide remedial vaastu services in Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Contact us to get a solution to all your vaastu needs for your home or corporate. Vaastu Services


Having persistent problems at home or in business??? It could be an error in the way your building is made.

We provide remedial vaastu services in Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Contact us to get a solution to all your vaastu needs for your home or corporate.

The ancient art of Vaastu Shastra has been presented in a simplified form so that you can understand the terms and apply it to the place that you stay in.

Several common problems that we face everyday are often a result of bad vaastu. Several remedies for such problems are suggested. You are however advised to refer to our consultant before executing any of these remedies.


Vaasthu- an ancient architectural tradition of India based on Vedas. Has developed its building technology on the fundamental premise that the earth or soil is a living organism out of which other living creatures and organic form emerge. Vaasthu by tradition is the life force contained within the earth. Vaasthu also means living space or dwelling space, which is on 'vaasthu'. Vaasthu is the individual site or land identified for a village or neighborhood. Vaasthu is also the building enclosure.

Man does not inhabit this earth alone; He inhabits 'akasham' or space. He is linked with his Shakti or energy to other energy form. He is part of a movement, a cycle of life and death, which is known as 'Kaala' (time). Space, Time and Energy are traditionally primed as existing in their free, unlimited state. Vaasthu experts have not only devised an order pertaining to the creation of manifested space, but have also ascertained a link between time cycle and the life of a person.

Vaasthu is not about magical cures but about the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment and its consonance with the energies of the cosmic universe.

There have been claims of immense wealth and personal health within days after making structural changes in one's residence as advocated by Vaastu Shastra. Though this may be viewed with suspicion, the basic tenets appeal to the scientific mind as building designs recommended do in fact improve air circulation and natural lighting. This in turn improves the health and behavior of the occupants. Wealth you will agree is a natural outcome of good health and clear thinking. 

The impact of celestial bodies like the Sun and the Moon on human behavior is more widely accepted by modern science than was the case a few decades ago. However, ancient Indian Scriptures carried discussions on astrology that are said to predict the entire future of new born babies. There could still be scientific support at some future date for all the unexplained esoteric tenets of the Vaastu Shilpi Shastra. 

Constructing a New Building

Vaasthu is being increasingly used as a tool to analyze the role of a building in the health and fortunes of its inhabitants. The scientific basis of vaasthu, in terms of energy is understood now than ever before.Some traditional techniques for creating well being in the build space are:

The central courtyard

The central court coincides with the resting Vaasthu purusha's central body composed of lung, heart and stomach. Physically this part (of the building) offers the heart nexus or feeling center, the lung or praana center, the stomach or digestive center, and the nabhi or creative center

The top Ventilator or Hot Air Vent

The chimney, the top ventilator, are physical representation of the vertical movement of the standing purusha, which is also the axis of the 'praana'(life force). These slits helped in the natural movement of air within the rooms of a house.

Rear garden

In the rear is usually located a small garden with space available for animals. The private garden is the buildings connection with nature. In modern flats, this would be replaced by a sit out or terrace with potted plants. The relationship between the garden and nature is a great energy resource for its occupants.
Rain water catchments
The garden is sloped and its base built a brick lined depression for rainwater to collect in. it is especially beneficial for hot, dry areas.
Combining waste- water channels with a vegetable garden:
To prevent different water from harming potable water in wells simple channels are made so that they can be used for vegetable patches.
Mud walls, Lime wash, Earth Red, low-dung, Thatch
Festivals, holy days and seasons have been systematically demarcated for the application of lime, cow- dung and earth, red on the walls or floor as part of a ritual. Besides marking a special occasion they also help in containing white ants and rodents. Spring-cleaning is not just cleaning, but also an occasion to get rid of the negative energy.
Medicinal plants and herbs

Every traditional house recommended the planting of herbs and medicinal plants (trees) as also flowers for 'puja'. These plants with their healing power and fragrance add positive energies to the environment.It is auspicious to maintain a" Thulasithara" in front of your house.

Periodic fumigation of house
Different kinds of incenses, herbs, minerals and plants are used for cleansing the air in a house. Periodic use of different herbs, neem leaves," sambrani" incense and firewood smoke help in getting rid of mosquitoes, bacteria, micro-organisms as well as removing negative energy accumulation.
Importance of doors
The entrance of a house is one of the most powerful points. It connects the activity-based identity of the individual with his inner self, denoted by the private spaces within. Traditionally, the door would be scaled and designed for each family and would hence be unique.
Verandahs as buffers and connectors
In the lifestyle of the families, the outer verandah not only played the part of the dust and heat collector, but also helped in the social interaction of the family.
The central energy exis
The central axis known as the brahma sutra runs through every building. Psychologically, this axis which is known as 'vamsa modam' or backbone, is considered to be the core of the building and hence of importance in the health of the occupants.
Vaastu, which combines the rigor and discipline of design with the traditional perspective toward individual comfort and community linkage, is certainly relevant in a world where isolation has become commonplace

Choosing the Site
Avoid black clay soils, as the foundations will be weak. Avoid sites with anthills (fear of termite destruction) , land with big boulders and reclaimed land with loose soil.  Land must be sloping to the North or East. The site should be at least 50 m away from Shiva Temple and must not be to the left of a Durga temple or behind a Vishnu temple.

Shape of the plot
It must be square or rectangular and the East-West dimension greater than the North –South. Any other polygonal shape is generally inauspicious. Avoid land that has no ground water.Dig a well in the N-E corner and use the ground water for prosperity. The North _East corner must never be rounded off in a corner site (at an intersection) to the South West corner may be rounded off.

Direction of roads: 

Plots with roads on all sides is the best. Roads must be on the East or the North side. A water steam that flows from the West to the East is good as far as it is to the North of the site.

The Right Building

    The area of the building in square feet if divided by 8 must leave a reminder on either 1,3,5 or 7. Old buildings that are damaged by a natural calamity like fire, lightening, rain etc are to be avoided. Never acquire a house in which a suicide has taken place or a new born baby died or a pregnant lady expired. Should be sufficiently away from trees whose roots can damage the foundation


    The main entrance /door must be from the North or the East.  An entrance from the West or South –West is extremely bad.  The number of door and windows must each be an even number.  Columns and beams must also be an even number.  A door must never be in the center of the façade of the house. If there are 2 doors never have them on the West (main door) and South (side door) , South (main) and West (side) and West main) and North (side).

    Pooja Room:

    The N-E is the best location. The Deity facing the West and the person  offering prayers facing the East is the best. However, the Deity facingthe East or North is also acceptable. In a multistoried building the prayer room must be on the ground floor.

    Bed room: 

    Ideal location is South or S-W corner. However, the East, N-E and S-E may also be used. Avoid bedrooms in the Northern side as this will lead the user into financial difficulties. One must sleep with the head facing the South ideally. However head  facing the East is also permissible. Head facing either the North or the West can be disastrous.


    Should be to the East or North of the bedrooms.

    Toilets :

    Should never be in the N-E corner of the Building


    The ideal location is the S-E corner of the building with the cooking  platform on the eastern side with the cook facing the East. The N-E corner of the building is also acceptable location for the kitchen.


    Must be located as far as possible to the South or S-W portion of the building.

    Cellar/basement :

    Must be to the North or N-E portion of the building

    Under ground water tanks: (incl. swimming pools )

    Must be in the N-E corner of the plot but never in the S-E corner. 

    Overhead tanks:

    Must be in the S-W corner but never in the North, East or N-E corner.

Benefits of Vaasthu
Physical : provides comfort, ease of use, convenience achieved by paying attention to space, high, ventilation, good circulation, comforts, color, form.
Psychological : creates well-being, unlocks the tensions, enhances relationships inwardly and outwardly.
Spiritual : Awakens the urge for understanding the meaning of life and death and evokes the quest for touching something more deep within and without.
By ensuring that all three aspects of a person's life are touched, evoked, activated and harmonized, the entire universe of the spirit is opened up and made ware. This complete or holistic action is the strength of Vaasthu. Vaasthu architectural design enables to enjoy the following:
  1. Clarity of mind and creative thinking
  2. Problem solving ability and power to make the right decision
  3. Happiness and healthier frame of mind
  4. Mental alertness and refreshed feeling throughout the day
  5. Sound restful and refreshing sleep
  6. Full of energy and less fatigue
  7. Tranquility and peace of mind
Design Principles
In the field of Vaasthu, three principles of design one paramount. They include:
a) Bhogadyam (suitable for the purpose):
The designed products must be useful, lend itself to easy application. For example, a house must have ample space for storage of articles and facilities for cleaning.
b) Sukha Darsham (pleasing to the eye):
The designed product must be aesthetically pleasing. The proportion of windows and doors, the size of rooms, the rhythm of projections and depressions play a critical role in the aesthetics of form.
c) Ramya (should provide sense of well being):
The designed products should evoke a feeling of well-being and contentment in its user.
Picture of Jassim House, Mumbai, India e.g.: Traditional elements in a residence.

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